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Just came across this beautiful video and wanted to share…

A SHORT LOVE STORY IN STOP MOTION from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.


Yes, it’s about the dreams…

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Kristie is quite beautiful. Even with braces.  The hat she wears as part of her uniform covers eyes that trust and smile all at once.  I’m not sure if she’s an “A” student but I don’t doubt her effort.  Some may label her “slow”, or “ADD” , but she knows what she’s doing-she just needs to learn it.
I brought the milk to the counter and she rang it up.
“Seventy-five cents please,” she said with a smile.
“Are you sure?” I responded.  I knew it cost more than that – I had bought the milk before.
“Wait…” She glanced nervously at all the pre-labeled keys.  Nothing else was there.  She called a senior employee over.  Perhaps it was her manager even though she looked less professional than Kristie.
“No, you have to press, here…” her voice trailed as she showed Kristie which buttons to push to bring up the proper charge.
Register popped open with a new price of $1.01.  The manager grabbed a penny from the “give-a-penny-take-a-penny” tray and tossed it into the register but missed the penny trough. 
Kristie carefully counted the change.  The manager  made a comment, but it was lost in the shuffle of money.
“What was that?” Kristie asked her boss with a gentle urging that screamed she just wanted to learn and be better.
The boss’ face scrunched and she lightly huffed.  It was a face that said, “You should have listened when I wanted you to listen.”
I turned to the smiling braces, “Thanks Kristie!”
“Thank you, have a nice evening!” Kristie professionally but joyously shared.  I actually could if more people were like her.
The boss lady…
Cascading thoughts, a waterfall of life…
…and words from Christ: “I tell you, when you did it unto the least of these, you did it unto me.”
We all get our chance….this one was obvious….

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Michael Plishka, 2008

copyright: Michael Plishka, 2008

within your eyes
tears falling
touches soul
I gaze
hoped once
once ended…
to know
yours is joy
is mine;
to know
you smile,
is mine…
shared words
paper white
bleed not
your heart beats
with love…
when winter’s wind batters,
your eyes look west
I pray that arms
keep you warm
that love beats within your breast
that lover’s kisses
taste snowflake on your cheek
that joy
fills your heart-
you smile….

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