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I put out a request on Twitter for a moodboard and interior designer, Heather Jenkinson  obliged.   My purpose was to use it as inspiration for a tune.  Well, here’s one of the moodboards she sent.  It was the first one I opened so it’s the one I used. 

Heather Jenkinson's Mood Board

Here’s the tune that came from the above.  It’s called Sepia and Blue.


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Church bells ring with joy

Once in darkness souls now sing:

“Christ from Death, Rises!”

 Click on arrow to play

(Notes: The words “Христос Воскрес!!” mean “Christ is Risen” is Ukrainian.  It is a traditional greeting between people during Easter Season.  The response is “Воїстину Воскрес!” which means, “Indeed He is Risen!” The song I wrote above repeats the traditional, liturgical phrase, “Christ is risen from the dead, conquering death by death, and to those in the tombs he granted life!!” in Ukrainian.  It is done with entirely with loops – in other words it’s done in one take, live. Symbolically speaking, loops have no beginning and no end.  There is a fitting aspect to using this technology to sing about Easter.)

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