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The Lions I Am Learning From

The Lions I Am Learning From


Cats are fascinating animals. They’re lone predators so they are equipped to hunt and kill by themselves. This means they’re smart, have sharp teeth, a startling quickness, mindbending flexibility and the most vicious weapon of all – retractable claws.

Carrying concealed weapons in public is illegal but not for cats. That’s why some people have a tough time trusting them.

One never knows…

It’s why I was even more in awe when I saw my father first tame a lion. (Okay, it wasn’t REALLY a lion. But those retractable claws make EVERY cat a lion!) I don’t remember where it was, perhaps on an uncle’s farm, but I remember…

The ferocious feline was suspicious of us. My father reached a hand slowly forward. The carnivorous beast stared back, but my dad’s hand reached below the chin and softly touched…

The magic began…

The cat slumped to the ground and rolled onto its back. Its paws against its chest. It purred loud enough to be heard from a couple feet away.

My father continued drawing small circles on the cat’s throat. The cat closed its eyes.

 I watched in wonder and it was indelibly burned into my grey matter. Never had I seen a predator so utterly subdued. This wasn’t Francis of Assisi, it was my dad!

I leaned over and placed my finger by his and began doing the same thing.

The cat opened its eyes and lifted its head.

I continued and he laid back down.

I had seen my father do that “trick” on multiple cats always with the same result.

Try as I may, the effect just isn’t as pronounced and sometimes doesn’t work at all when I do it.

 Somewhere in all this there is a lesson of peace. My father lived it…

I’m still learning…

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