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As you know, I’ve been utilizing Posterous as a way to post to this blog with multiple pics, music and videos-things WordPress doesn’t support fully. Posterous is shutting it’s doors. As a result, many of my older posts may contain broken links to images and or music. I will do my best to make sure they are all reconnected to the new location but double checking every link from many years back is simply not possible.

On the other hand, Posterous has been fickle the last 3-4 months and many posts that I thought were published here, weren’t. The good news is that my posts will not fall into cyber-ether anymore.

With that, I send off Posterous with a stark haiku:

Convenient posting
Inconvenient shutting down
Goodbye, Posterous

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Light kisses water

Refraction of reflection

Whose glory dances?

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Misty touches Earth

Ruffled sky kisses water

Pastel Symphony

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Berry falls on bark
Nothing is by accident

I stumble on art


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A video showing the herding prowess, and a pic of the winner when he/she (not sure what it was) came by and plopped down at my feet with a victory water bottle

duckherding.mp4 Watch on Posterous


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I, biking same trail

You, exploring world anew

Together, we became friends

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One but divided

Future and Past embracing?

An unresolved phrase


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