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Verse shared between clouds

Brilliant thoughts flash hide and seek

Is this Your whisper?

For the second night in a row, wonderfully active storms have rolled through (though the tornado warning 6 miles  away is getting  a wee bit too close.  The reflections from yesterdays storm are here: Flashes of Brilliance -Thoughts on Innovation While Watching a Lightning Storm (Video): http://wp.me/pkQcg-yN)

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I took these pics tonight at various magnifications, racing against time and high altitude clouds.

Regulus was always one of my favorite stars and most noticeable for me as I was growing up.    Maybe it was because I was a "Leo", but the memory of learning that star as a youngster sticks in my mind.  The memory itself is vague, but the feeling of it being a favorite is what makes me smile.

And Mars – The Red Warrior of the Skies.

Wandering red god

Approaches to fight the Prince

A battle of dance!

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